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I've decided to bail on Nanowrimo-the-process.

I'm still very excited about the story, actually more so than when I began, and I'd really like to be able to finish it as a novella or short novel length work and share it! I still plan to.

And I've found out some useful things about myself; in particular, I actually can write at the Nano pace, and probably could all month. And I have such a lot of fun writing fiction. Very useful discovery process.

But. The writing has been taking me 1½ to 2 hours every single night. And about 60 minutes of that has been at the expense of sleep, which is not something I can skimp on for a variety of reasons. I really am not in a place to spend November pushing myself into cumulative sleep debt, because there's no recovery time in the foreseeable future. I can imagine being able to do Nano in some future year, but this year is not it.

The word count is also stealing from other writing time I need and want. In particular, I'd like to post some more meta about the world of O, but it wasn't going to fit into my day. Now perhaps it can.

So. I'm at 17079 words. Absolutely none of them would exist without Nano. It's just not the right process for producing the other 15000 (?) that I need for a full draft. (I have a feeling this is a 30000–40000 word story, but I don't really know.) So, this is my Nano white flag, but with thanks.

Also, given that I wrote 0 words of fiction this year before Nano, and 17000 in Nano, an improvement of infinity times, I think I need some kind of structure to get me to finish this thing, whether it's some kind of modified Nano (average 500 words a night? one week in four is writing week?). Step one of leaving Nano is taking a solid week off writing and getting a bit of sleep. Step two of leaving Nano will be working out what that structure is! Step three is resuming writing.

Stay tuned!

Date: 2014-11-13 10:52 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] luzula
Seems a wise decision. : )


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