Dec. 11th, 2012

leaflitter: Leaf litter (Default)
Oh goodness, TV Tropes has a plot generator.

Stuff it's come up with so far:

The farm boy hero, who was raised by a family that disapproved of escapist fiction, is being blackmailed via possible violence against the heroine… to commit an act of copyright violation.

The children of a white colonialist who has assumed leadership of a tribe of people, and of a lesbian vampire, are best friends who are no longer allowed to play together because of the enmity of their parents. (I can't imagine why a self-appointed Noble White Saviour and a lesbian vampire don't get on.)

A little kid becomes a scam travel agent, selling people a trip to Hell itself he has no way to fulfill. He therefore sets up a fake Hell, takes people there, his clients are onto him, but it turns out to be a real magical library, and moreover, an Assassins Guild hit has been ordered on them all. Can they resolve their differences in time to survive?
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