Oct. 27th, 2014

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I got as far as reviewing my least favourite of the imps I bought from BPAL early in the year, and the frimps and never quite got to the good stuff.

The Antikythera Mechanism

I think the winner for me from my initial order was The Antikythera Mechanism which I ordered because I was curious about the tobacco note.

Initial notes

In imp: Strong "musky" smell. (I don't really don't have the right vocab for perfumes. What I am actually referring to is the teakwood and vanilla, I'm pretty sure.)
Wet: Strong, spicy.
Dry: I'm liking this, but don't have vocab to describe it. From the description, I'd be mostly getting vanilla and the woody scents. I think I like it! Vanilla going quicker than the wood.
Later: Wood strong, hints of vanilla. It doesn't smell of tobacco to me, but I'm much more used to the smell of the smoke (which I quite like, when fresh and not right next to me) than the plant or its flower.


I love smelling like this, apparently I want to smell of a sweet campfire or something. I'm having trouble not wearing this today because I want to re-review Bastet. I'm planning to order a bottle soon.

Bastet, Euphrosyne )


I'm looking through Beloved Favorites to try and narrow it down since ALL OF BPAL is a bit intimidating. Given what I've learned here, I think The Cat, Snake Oil, Scherezade and (if it were in stock) Rogue.

I wish I'd paid attention and managed to get in on a Weenies decant circle, because I like the idea of the leaf scents too.
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