Yuletide I

Nov. 26th, 2011 01:05 pm
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I wrote 1259 words last night which technically means I've hit the target and can hand it in now, right?

Oh yeah.

I think there might be 2500 or 3000 words or so in the first draft and then I need to go back and think about it a bit. First beta reader says I'm writing in the style of the canon, including some of its sometimes excessive stylistic terseness, mostly where I am relying on canon to supply the backstory. I'm not sure to what extent to recap canon without it being dull, but a bit more scene setting might not go astray. It also has two separate themes which don't intertwine well in my opinion, so I need to scrap one or else come up with some kind of grand idea linking them, which might mean actual plot, which might mean going to a second rewrite.
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