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Word count: 2200-ish. It just grew a new plot. A metaphysical plot. With added [spoiler spoiler: if I said this bit it would possibly make the story identifiable] which doesn't work so well with the metaphysical.

This plot, she also wants to be a sad plot. NOT INTENDED.

Also also, my writing tends to get longer on editing too, rather than shorter. Not that I mind writing something in the triple-the-word-requirement range at all, but I wish I knew how it ends.

Yes, it's that kind of Yuletide.

Meanwhile: apologies to my writer, if you've been lurking around hoping for more info on, well, anything about me. I'd tell you exactly all about the RL stuff that I am doing for it is a saga but [spoiler spoiler: it would probably give you my real name quick smart].

Additional apologies to my writer, for I am to some extent the Christmas celebrating type, and may not be around to thank you for my story on December 25. December 26 should be go, however.
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