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This is an entry I wrote well over a year ago but never posted, about Caroline Linden's regency romance The Way to A Duke's Heart. It is the final novel in a trilogy, The Truth About the Duke, in which the three sons of the very recently deceased Francis de Lacey, Duke of Durham, try and prove their legitimacy while at the same time finding unexpected true love.

In this third book, the hero is Charles de Lacey, the probable new duke and the least promising hero; the drinker and womaniser to his younger brothers Edward the coolheaded and effective businessman and Gerard the hotheaded but effective soldier.

But the real puzzle is what the hell was up with their father?!

The truth about the duke is that he was a big jerk, more than Linden is willing to admit. Spoilers. )

And now for his son )

In the end, this is my favourite of the three novels. I find Edward too uptight and Gerard too hotheaded, and I have a soft spot for men who like women. Charlie seems like a lot of fun, and I like the socially awkward headstrong Tessa a great deal. I think the whole trilogy is reasonably good and ends with the strongest novel. But none of the men are the equal of the effective and caring Anthony Hamilton of A Rake's Guide to Seduction.

* Charlie de Lacey and Anthony Hamilton both have a problem in my reading, which is that having a large number of women lovers in the Regency period isn't really a morally neutral act: their lovers are taking a big risk for them. Anthony is pretty lucky there, having fathered no children, Charlie isn't.
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I've been having multiple massive demands on my creative energy and wanted to read non-taxing fiction. Do you know how taxing it is to seek out non-taxing anything though? Pre-screening stuff for yourself means reading it, which means being taxed. A dilemma.

Anyway, eventually I remembered Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and decided to read through the A reviews until I found something I liked the sound of.

Conclusion: I have no idea if I'd like paranormal romance. I kind of suspect I might, but the reviewers can't sell the books to me, they're really picky about, eg, pack loyalty issues that I can't get into without first reading paranormal romance, which is rather circular. So, I ended up with three of Caroline Linden's Regency romances from this review. And may I say what a blessing having a Kindle is, because having to look at romance novel covers would have been a step too far for me.

My thoughts:Some spoilers )

So there we have it, [personal profile] leaflitter successfully negotiates the shoals of spending her time on trashy novels without having to agonise too much over whether they will be trashy enough but not too trashy. Thank you SBTB.
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