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I got as far as reviewing my least favourite of the imps I bought from BPAL early in the year, and the frimps and never quite got to the good stuff.

The Antikythera Mechanism

I think the winner for me from my initial order was The Antikythera Mechanism which I ordered because I was curious about the tobacco note.

Initial notes

In imp: Strong "musky" smell. (I don't really don't have the right vocab for perfumes. What I am actually referring to is the teakwood and vanilla, I'm pretty sure.)
Wet: Strong, spicy.
Dry: I'm liking this, but don't have vocab to describe it. From the description, I'd be mostly getting vanilla and the woody scents. I think I like it! Vanilla going quicker than the wood.
Later: Wood strong, hints of vanilla. It doesn't smell of tobacco to me, but I'm much more used to the smell of the smoke (which I quite like, when fresh and not right next to me) than the plant or its flower.


I love smelling like this, apparently I want to smell of a sweet campfire or something. I'm having trouble not wearing this today because I want to re-review Bastet. I'm planning to order a bottle soon.

Bastet, Euphrosyne )


I'm looking through Beloved Favorites to try and narrow it down since ALL OF BPAL is a bit intimidating. Given what I've learned here, I think The Cat, Snake Oil, Scherezade and (if it were in stock) Rogue.

I wish I'd paid attention and managed to get in on a Weenies decant circle, because I like the idea of the leaf scents too.
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Ameles Potamos

The River of Unmindfulness: bittersweet black water swollen with forgotten tears.

In the imp: musk, musk, musk and… musk. (Or what I call "musk".) The oil is a really rich golden colour. I may never be able to dissociate the two again.

Second sniff: hrm yeah, OK, also a touch of deep water. I'm quite liking this in the imp.

Wet: musk and then it smells "like perfume" on me so far. My partner is going to hate this.

Partner: "eh, smells all right."

Dry: still generic perfume-ish scent. I don't mind it, but it's not telling me a story I don't already know.

5 min: it's a pretty stable scent!


Night-blooming cereus, black orchid, black currant and myrtle leaf enshrouded in the incense of Hecate's cypress and myrrh, and the dark rage of magickal labdanum and intoxicating poppy.

In the imp: perfume. Slightly astringent perfume.

Wet: rose, but rose like in in a powder shop, not rose like sticking my nose in a flower.

Dry: turning a bit sharper. I'm wondering if this is the myrrh note. Like in the imp, I think there's two things going on here for me. One is the floral scent that smells like rose to me. The other is something sharper that moderates it well.

Verdict: I like Medea better than Ameles Potamos, but I think what I'm looking for right now is less familiar smells, and both of these smell enough like commercial perfume to me that I'm not transported.

I'm shipping a few imps to my mother, I suspect she will quite like these.

ETA: oh dear, Medea keeps getting stronger, and I forgot about my reaction to really strong scents. They make me sneeze a lot. Eek. (I can't be around people smoking pot for too long, for example.)

BPAL's Vice

May. 2nd, 2014 08:58 pm
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I've noticed 'net friends moving into… cosmetics? self-adornment? fandom of various types over the past few years and while I've been fascinated, I haven't been tempted. That is, until I started running into perfume fandom posts around. Here's the canonical intro post from [personal profile] rydra_wong, and [personal profile] recessional has scent work posts and then [profile] synedochic founded [community profile] smellsgood and then…

Here we are. I ordered four imps from BPAL. I probably won't review each of them in their own post, but I was excited.


Voluptuous and indulgent! A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.

In the imp: Powerful. More sweet shop than chocolate shop.

My partner (who is quite hostile to strong scents) says: "vanilla and not in a good way."

Wet: Still very sweet. Nougat? Perfumed nougat? Something like that. I can see how it might be edging to chocolate, but it's not getting there.

Dry: pretty one-note cherry, I think? I smell like a soap shop. This is not unpleasant, it brings back nostalgia for long lost crafty shops where I couldn't afford a bar for Mother's Day.

10 minutes later: oooo… there's the orange blossom. That's quite nice.

20 minutes later: I think the cherry and the orange blossom are mostly in harmony, but I'm not getting chocolate. I'm glad the very very sweet edge to it has gone.

This does smell good, but I am bothered by the clash with the name. I smell like a slightly spicy flower, which is not really what I'd call Vice, as such. What would Vice smell like? Liqueur and tobacco and sweat maybe?

This makes me very tempted to try The Ankythera Mechanism tomorrow, for the tobacco note. Does anyone have any recommendations for a BPAL scent that really does smell of vice?

That said, I'll probably keep it. There are days when smelling like this would work for me.
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