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Sometimes I feel like a fandom of one on this one. I'll nominate it for Yuletide, but will there be any takers?

Cardiac Arrest, television series. Aired on the BBC from 1994–1996, available on DVD since 2007.

Setup: it's an NHS hospital, full of overworked junior doctors who are variously catty, idealistic, mean, careless, frustrated and always always sleep deprived.

Things going for it:
  • black humour
  • funny black humour
  • Dr Claire Maitland, snarky talented resident/registrar. Will probably remind House fans of him to some extent, except without the singular medical genius, or heavy-handed attempts on the part of the producers to heal her of her mean ways. In terms of drug use I think she only gets to cigarettes and alcohol though.
  • It was written by someone who left his junior position at the NHS to write it. British doctors loved it. If you have knowledge of medical settings it's apparently pretty good in terms of being humour about your life.
  • reasonable representation (by which I mean, appearances of, realistic portrayals of I can't speak to as well) of minorities and their experience working in the NHS.

Basically, if you like the idea of unvarnished black humour about doctors, I recommend this.

Things you might not like (I realise some people are cool with these, or enjoy them, but for those who don't, here's some warnings):Sorry, mild spoilers are hard to avoid here )


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